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Ketogenic Recovery Anonymous - KRA


​Find out more about the ketogenic Diet. From expert medical professionals to personal stories.  Current research on sugar addiction, metabolic disease, and recovery.  Get started on your journey to recovery. 

​A healthy body, mind and spirit are all important to living a quality life. The tools of self care, community involvement, prayer and meditation are all part of staying sober and abstinent from personal triggers one day at a time.

​Email me for details!!! Online meetings! PastorMarksMail@gmail.com

​                    SSG GROUP  meets Thursdays @ 6:30PM at Living Word Ahwatukee

SSG holds weekly meetings Thursday 6:30 to 8PM at Living Word Church in Ahwatukee located at 14647 S 50th St #165, Phoenix, AZ 85044. The Spiritual Solutions Group (SSG) is for men and women to gather, discover, discuss,  and use Spiritual Tools for Everyday Problems (S.T.E.P.) Not Church, not a class, and NOT an accountability group! Come as you are and no matter where you are at in your spiritual journey you can hang out with Mark and friends and discuss life or life's terms.

SSG is about discussing, exploring, working, learning, and ultimately using the Bible and the 12 Spiritual Steps from the Word of God to identify, understand, and work through our issues with a goal of growing closer to God and claiming victory over our setbacks. We are here to share our experience, strength, and hope with one another in a supportive and healing fashion.

It is a weekly meeting to check in with one another, dive into God's word, and do life together. You DO NOT have to have an alcohol or addiction issue. If you are a human, you have a struggle, so you qualify!

 Each of us have different issues, but we all are in need of help to recover from or overcome obstacles in the form of life’s trials, tests, twists, and temptations that have blocked or is blocking our growth as a person and may even have shut us off from the sunlight of the Spirit, preventing a full relationship with God.

Contact Pastor Mark! -   FaithThroughWorksFellowship@gmail.com

12 Step and Recovery Groups

AA -    Alcoholics Anonymous  -           www.aa.org 

OA -    Overeaters Anonymous  -           https://oa.org/

NA -    Narcotics Anonymous -               www.na.org

CA -    Cocaine Anonymous -                    https://ca.org/

                Al-Anon -                                          www.al-anon.org/

CODA - Co-Dependents Anonymous - http://coda.org/

GA - Gamblers Anonymous -                    http://www.gamblersanonymous.org/ga/

Can't find what you are seeking? Email me!!! PastorMarksMail@gmail.com