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  • Pastor Mark Farley

Solid as a rock…

Have you ever noticed how buildings are constructed?

They usually start with a very solid and firm foundation.

Next follows steel, iron, or whatever sturdy and strong material is used to build the frame.

The point is that things that are built to last are built upon solid foundations.

It’s the same with our lives.

When we build our lives on a solid foundation of spiritual principles including, love, grace, tolerance, honesty, hard work, healthy relationships, and service to others we wind up with a stable, secure, and vibrant life.

What are the principles you are using for the spiritual foundation of your life?..

Check your experience…

“Have we skimped on the cement put into the foundation?” Big Book pg 75

Lord, let us build our life upon the foundation we have through our faith and trust in You and Your Word, AMEN.

“For no one can lay any foundation other than the one we already have—Jesus Christ.” 1 Corinthians 3:11

Have a blessed day y’all!

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  • Pastor Mark Farley

I can't. .. HE can. .. I think I will let Him. ....

We humans are amazing creatures.

We are blessed with this gift called free will and we dress it up and disguise it to ourselves and others as "will power ".

We attempt to do many impossible things with it and sometimes we even succeed and then allow ourselves to believe the delusion that we did it all by ourselves.

The truth is that while yes it does take will power to go to work, make a meal, and participate in the lives of those around us, more often than not, we are the recipient of God's blessings and will for us when the bigger things happen.

Take a moment today and look at all the good things around you and in your life.

Are they really ONLY from your will power?..

Check your experience...

"Lack of power that was our dilemma. We had to find a power by which we could live, and it had to be a Power greater than ourselves." Big Book pg 45

Lord, we thank you for the blessings in our lives that mainly come from You when we turn our will and lives over to you, AMEN.

"Then Job answered the LORD and said, I know that You can do all things, And that no purpose of Yours can be thwarted." Job 41: 1-2

Have a blessed day y’all!

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  • Pastor Mark Farley

Spring cleaning...

Summer is just around the corner and most of us have thought about and perhaps even engaged in some form of Spring Cleaning.

Maybe we cleaned and organized our homes, moving the clutter and no longer needed things to the trash.

Some of us might even have looked in our clothes closets and removed our winter garments to make room for our summer wardrobe.

Out with the old and in with the new is our Spring Cleaning motive.....

What about the clutter of fears, resentments, anger, and other things in our hearts and minds that hold us hostage and block us off from the Son-light of the Spirit?

Isn't it time to clear these self-centered thoughts and emotions out of ourselves?

It's a spiritual principle that when we find ourselves angry and or hurt by people, places, things, and or situations it's because there is something spiritually wrong ins ide of us that needs to be attended to and corrected or cleaned if you will...

Check your experience...

"Continue to watch for selfishness, dishonesty, resentment, and fear. When these crop up, we ask God at once to remove them." Big Book pg. 84

Lord let us open our hearts and minds to be cleansed by your Holy Spirit to remove any and all fear, resentment, anger, and self-generated pain, AMEN.

"Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice.” Ephesians 4:31

Have a blessed day Y'all!

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