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Keep Pressing On

Keep pressing on…

Have you noticed how much more automated our lives have become?

From the GPS systems in our devices and cars to the “smart” appliances that can alert us to when they need attention or restocking, we now have more things than ever that can do our thinking and work for us.

While automation is a nice convenience that allows us to focus our time and attention on other matters, how do we keep our focus on our spiritual growth?

I enjoy my daily Bible study along with the spiritual tools and devotions that are delivered to me daily via email, but I remain grateful that I still have to apply the humble willingness to study and learn daily.

Applying what I learn in the Word to my life daily helps me to keep walking with Jesus and pressing on toward His will for me.

Thank goodness I have not automated this part of my life!

This would block me off from the sunlight of His Spirit and I could become lost in the illusions of this material world.

How about you?

What parts of your life have become automated that perhaps are removing you from growing spiritually?..

Check your experience…

“The point is, that we are willing to grow along spiritual lines.” Big Book pg. 60

Lord, let us not automate our daily time with You in the Word, AMEN.

“But I press on” Philippians 3:12

Have a blessed day Y’all!

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