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  • Pastor Mark Farley

Risks and Rewards

Keep walking the Path….

It seems no matter what the reward is, there is some form of risk involved.

From a child first learning to trust gravity to ride a bike, to the risks we take as adults with relationships, finances, employment, and other worldly things,...

We have to risk something to gain something else.

Risk is part of our Earthly experience and a great exercise for us to build and practice our faith as we seek the reward.

Sometimes we hit bumps in the road but if we keep our hearts and eyes focused on our goal, our risk does not become ruled by fear and our faith carries us through.

Measure your risk with your faith and see how it helps!

As always, don’t take it from me, rather….

Check your experience…

“Faith has to work twenty-four hours a day in and through us, or we perish.” Big Book pg. 16

Lord, let our hearts know that our risk, supported by our faith will carry us through to the reward, AMEN

“So be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead, even though you must endure many trials for a little while.” 1Peter 1:6

Have a blessed day Y'all!

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