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Secrets Keep us Sick

We are only as sick as our secrets…

Sometimes withholding information is good to do, like when it is not needed for the situation at hand, or could overwhelm or overload someone due to their current circumstances.

Most of the time it pays to be transparent and not keep secrets because they have a way of coming to light, especially in this day and age with Facebook, Snap Chat, Instagram, and all the other ways we socialize and communicate.

The spiritual fact is that no matter what is on our hearts or in our minds, the Lord knows through the Holy Spirit dwelling within us.

So maybe this doesn’t apply to you , but...

Why is it that there are times when I think I can “pull one over” on the Lord, or feel that if I don’t look at it or pray about it He won’t know?

I chalk it up to my weak self-will fueled by either pride or fear, depending on the motivator, but the truth is the longer I hold off from bringing it to the Lord, the harder it is for me to gain grace and be free.

How’s this working out for you?..

Check your experience…

“…we soon became as open minded on spiritual matters as we had tried to be on other questions.” Big Book pg 48

Lord, let us open our hearts and minds to Your grace and guidance, AMEN.

“For there is nothing covered up that will not be seen. There is nothing hidden that will not be known.” Luke 12:2

Have a blessed day Y’all!

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