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The Battle in Our Mind

Picking our battles… 

Perhaps it’s different for you but every now and then when I am alone with my thoughts, the quiet thought that has been with me for most of my life tries to remind me that not only am I a loser but also I am not worthy of others. 

Now thankfully I have enough Jesus in my heart and Step Work from almost 29 years of sobriety to remind me quickly that this thought is not mine, it is from my disease; get it? …DIS-EASE… 

The disease of addiction capitalizes on this for those times when we struggle with self-doubt and or fear. 

am thankful for my picket fence of friends in sobriety and my brothers and sisters in ministry who constantly remind me that God is using me for His Will and I need continue with my passion for helping others. 

How are you handling your thoughts of DIS-EASE?.. 

Check your experience… 

“Our thought-life will be placed on a much higher plane when our thinking is cleared of wrong motives.” Big Book pg 86 

Lord, let us go to war on our thoughts and not let thoughts of doubt and fear control our minds, efforts, and actions, AMEN.

"We fight with weapons that are different from those the world uses. Our weapons have power from God that can destroy the enemy’s strong places. We destroy people’s arguments and every proud thing that raises itself against the knowledge of God. We capture every thought and make it give up and obey Christ." 2 Corinthians 10: 4-5 

Have a blessed day Y’all!! 

Join me in looking at the things we face daily with passages from both the Big Book and Bible!


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