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As we celebrate Mother’s Day, a great example of unconditional love is seen in a mother’s love for her child. Because we are human, it’s a part of our DNA to unconsciously and naturally seek unconditional love. 

Most of us spend our lives seeking it and never quite finding it. Perhaps it’s because we are looking with the wrong motives. 

 We GET what we GIVE. That is a spiritual principle. In my experience I have only received unconditional love when I am in a mental, spiritual, and emotional state to give this. I have learned I must give unconditional love in order to be able to receive it. 

God loves us unconditionally but until we are willing, we cannot receive His love. It’s the same with our relationships here on Earth. Until we are willing to give love unconditionally, we cannot receive it. … Check your experience…. 

“Love and tolerance of others is our code.” Big Book pg 84 

Lord thank You for loving us unconditionally. Please open our hearts with Your Spirit to enable us to be willing to give love unconditionally so that we may receive it, AMEN. 

 “As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you;" Isaiah 66:13 

Furniture Bank Continues to help those in need! 

 Until we are clear from the world heath challenges, Furniture Bank is neither accepting nor scheduling pick-ups of donated items. 

We are using our cash reserves to order new items that can be drop shipped and delivered to our clients. 

Furniture Bank is a 501c3 public charity and every penny donated goes toward helping our families, veterans, and individuals in need. 

Please help us continue to help others! 

Have a blessed day y’all! 


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