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Who Ya Gonna Trust?

"I have a plan. Do you trust Me?" - God

Trust is a strong word with heavy commitment.  We see it on our currency and we use it as a part of our foundation for relationships with people, places and things.  Think about it, how many times do we use the word trust in statements we make to ourselves or others, as we finalize our action decision?  We trust teachers with our children. We trust doctors with our health.  We trust our employers to pay our wages. 

The experiences we build over time with our teachers, doctors, and employers helps to build this trust. So where do we place our trust when we work on our spiritual life? Are we placing it with strangers, fads, or are we placing it in building a long term relationship with God?Check your experience…

“We trust infinite God rather than our finite selves.” Big Book, Page 68

Lord, let us place our trust in You through growing closer to You in Your Word, AMEN.

“So God’s promise is given to us because we put our trust in Him. We can be sure of it. It is because of His loving favor to us.”  Romans 4:16

Have a blessed day y’all!


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