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​Backpacks 4 Kids AZ, Inc  is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing disadvantaged children living in Arizona with backpacks full of supplies.
Many low income families are already struggling and unfortunately cannot afford to buy the school supplies their children needs.

HELP US TO KEEP HELPING OTHERS! Furniture Bank helps many folks with a HAND –UP as they work with various organizations to gain skills and jobs to escape homelessness, hopelessness, and helplessness to gain self-respect and self-sustainability!! We are in the hand-UP business and not the HANDOUT GAME! Your gifts, donations, prayers, and financial support made this possible! Families, Veterans, elderly, physically and mentally challenged, as well as others are now enjoying homes filled with furniture and furnishings as they rebuild their lives. $400 provides furniture to make a house into a home for our clients and families escaping homelessness and hopelessness. MAKE A DIFFERENCE! You can donate any amount for a tax deduction and tax receipt, BUT…. a gift of either $400 as an individual or $800 as a couple to Furniture Bank, Inc. a 501c3 public charity, can also reduce your tax bill to the State of Arizona by that amount dollar for dollar! Visit our website and click on the PayPal button for a secure transaction and tax receipt that will follow within 48 hours. Please help us help others!

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Faith Through Works Fellowship


meets Thursdays @ 6:30PM at Living Word Ahwatukee

​SSG holds weekly meetings Thursday 6:30 to 8PM at Living Word Church in Ahwatukee located at 14647 S 50th St #165, Phoenix, AZ 85044. The Spiritual Solutions Group (SSG) is for men to gather to discover and use Spiritual Tools for Everyday Problems (S.T.E.P.) from the Bible and in our workbook The 12 Steps – A Spiritual Journey.

 Faith Through Works Fellowship believes in the healing power and ministry of small groups. I have personally used this Workbook and the Bible to form, lead, guide, and develop helping groups for over 20 years.

SSG is about exploring, working, learning, and ultimately using the Bible and the 12 Spiritual Steps from the Word of God to identify, understand, and work through our issues with a goal of growing closer to God and claiming victory over our setback. We are here to share our experience, strength, and hope with one another in a supportive and healing fashion.

It is a weekly meeting to check in with one another, dive into God's word, and do life together. We are going to work on being better men and sons of God.  You DO NOT have to have an alcohol or addiction issue. If you are a human, you have a struggle, so you qualify!

 Each of us have different issues, but we all are in need of help to recover from or overcome obstacles in the form of hurts, hang-ups,  or hurdles that have blocked or is blocking our growth as a person and may even have shut us off from the sunlight of the Spirit, preventing a full relationship with God.

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Pastor Mark’s first book is here!  Faith Through Works Fellowship Daily Devotions with passages from the Big Book and Bible as they apply to our daily lives.

Amazon Kindle edition is available here  

or  paperback  copy

EVERY PENNY goes to our nonprofit 501c3 Furniture Bank! Please help us help other and grab a copy today! 

What would it be like for you to have someone devoted to your growth and influence? What if you had a person who prayed for you often, genuinely befriended you, and coached and mentored you in what God was doing in your life?

What if you were the priority, even as you are trying to serve others as a priority?

Through ADVOCATE we can work with people 1 on 1 helping them grow their relationship with Jesus, answer their questions, help them realize their service gifting’s, and connect with  a community of folks who share their passions to build a network that helps others!

We don’t have to wait until Sunday to do this! We can do this daily, in our regular lives with the folks we see every day!
Please connect with me and let’s talk! I would love to hear your heart on this idea and see what Advocate looks like for you!

 Volunteer and helping opportunities! 

Furniture Bank......​Backpacks 4 Kids AZ........Family Promise........Autumn House

Everyone Is Welcome


Our MISSION is helping people grow their personal relationship with Jesus through overcoming the hurts, hurdles, and hangups that can slow or challenge us 

Our VISION is to grow in Christ through serving others 


God gave each of us unique talents and gifts that we can use to help others. Its through helping others that we help ourselves to grow in Christ and find the peace, serenity, and sense of belonging we naturally seek.