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The Spiritual Solutions Group [SSG] is a community that gathers to discover and use Spiritual Tools for Everyday Problems [S.T.E.P]  from the Bible and in our workbook, The Twelve Steps – A Spiritual Journey.

Faith Through Works Fellowship believes in the healing power and ministry of small groups. I have personally used this workbook and the Bible to form, lead, guide and develop helping groups for over 20 years.

SSG is about exploring, working, learning, and ultimately using the Bible and the Twelve Spiritual Steps from the Word of God to identify, understand and work through our issues with a goal of growing closer to God and claiming victory over our setbacks. We are here to share our experience, strength, and hope with one another in a supportive and healing fashion.

We meet online weekly to check in with one another, dive into God's word and do life together. We are going to work on being better men and sons of God.  You
DO NOT have to have an alcohol or addiction issue. If you are a human, you have a struggle, so you qualify!

Each of us have different issues, but we are all in need of help to recover from, or overcome obstacles in the form of hurts, hang-ups or hurdles that have blocked or is blocking our growth as a person and may even have shut us off from the sunlight of the Spirit, preventing a full relationship with God.

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