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Is It a Want or a Need?

When WANTS overpower NEEDS….

There are few rules of life that I try to go by to keep my wants from overpowering my needs.

For instance, I don’t go to the grocery store hungry, and I try not to make big decisions until I have had a chance to think it through, pray about it, and get advice from those I trust.

I also try to respond instead of reacting.

Now perhaps it’s different for you, but I have learned that my WANTS seem to be fueled by my pride, fear, resentment, and or greed. That puts me deep in self-will and away from God's will for sure.

Check your experience…

"The greatest enemies of us are resentment, jealousy, envy, frustration, and fear." Big Book pg 145

Lord help us to check our motives and efforts so that our self-will does not lead us to fear, resentment, or greedy actions, AMEN.

"What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don't they come from your desires that battle within you? You want something but don't get it." James 4:1-2

Have a blessed day y’all!

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