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What's in Your Heart?

For where your treasure is…

We are what we do, say, and show. It’s hard for us to see this in ourselves, but our actions, behaviors, habits, and thoughts define us.

Think about our friends and loved ones and how we remember them. For most of us, the memories of our friends and loved ones come from our experiences with them.

How are we seen or remembered?

What is first and foremost on our hearts generally dictates our manners, actions, and habits…

Check your experience…

“His change of heart was dramatic, convincing, and moving.” Big Book pg 55

Lord, please fill our hearts with the gifts You have given us so that we may reflect Your love and grace on others, AMEN.

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Luke 12:34

Have a blessed day y'all!!

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